Friday, December 31, 2010


Ruth, I think I like the yellow leggings and the shirt without the sweater. I think she needs pink shoes that aren't so big. These shoes with the laces would be better on the RJ doll I think. I really like your idea about a floppy hat and a purse with big flowers that are kind of like the flowers on her dress. I am going to make some felted wool and see what I can come up with. I will look to see if I have some bright yellow wool that we could felt for flowers or the purse. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Haven't thought too much about Leisel. With a name like Leisel I think she needs a dress like the Leisel in Sound of Music. Solid color, fitted waist with gathered skirt. Apron or pinafore? Or do we want to change her name and do one of the outfits from Gymboree or the Gap? Just some ideas.

Happy New Year. Don't stay up all night, there's lots of football on tomorrow. Love Ya, Linda

biggest strawberry

A person wouldn't have to pick very many of these berries to make a years supply of jam...........LOL
So fun to make ........... Alyce is right.  they would look really cute in a little girls room.

This is a test.And this is?????
Linda, I received the jumper, hat, sweater and boots today. I talked to Peggy and we thought the Jumper would be cute on the Leisel doll, and the sweater, boots and the hat with ears Peggy crocheted will fit perfectly with what I am working on for the RJ Doll. I Love the little hat. I will show it to mom and see what she thinks. Happy New Year! Don't stay up all night! Ruth



This is the Hat I told you about Linda, I wish the color wasn't sea green. I little big, but cute rolled back in the front. I think I'll make a floppy hat to match the clothes I made for the Latoya doll with a big flower on it. Maybe a purse or a small stuffed animal or a basket with some fresh cut looking flowers... anybody got any ideas, I'm open for them. Ruth

Clothes for LaToya

Here are some clothes for the Latoya Doll. She is wearing the apricot sweater from Linda and has striped leggings. Do you think the lace up shoes are to heavy for the outfit... I can use them on the RJ Doll. This one has been a struggle as couldn't find the fabric I wanted, but I think this print goes nice with the sweater. Under the sweater is a yellow pull over shirt.

Here she is with yellow striped leggings, again, hard time deciding what works best, I think the darker ones.

Yellow shirt to match leggings.

Mom and Dad!!!! Notice the glasses.

these are very cute.   I really like the fabric you chose for the little dress. 
And DAD with Mrs. Clause's glasses is a *hit*.   I love it.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hansel and Gretel and LaToya

Peggy, is Gretel the first doll you have done her hips this way? Does she sit better? When you get the Lorinda clothes I mailed yesterday please try them on Gretel to see how they fit especially the leggings so I know for patterns. Then let me know. Cute! Ruth

These are really cute, Peg. The hair is amazing. I think you have it figured out. Do the legs take very long to make when you make them moveable? Can the doll sit up by herself with them? What kind of clothes are you thinking for them? Love ya, Linda

I had forgotten I have the tan skin fabric still to use. So now we have Hansel, Gretel and Latoya. Gretel has moveable arms and legs. I really do like the *finished* look this doll has. She looks almost like she is not made of fabric! Ahhhhh I love the *joy of creation*.
errrrr successful creation .....LOL

Peggy, are the legs skinnier on these dolls as I will need to know that for leggings or pantiloons, or knickers or whatever. The hands look better proportioned to the fingers. Nice. Oh fun.... I spent the afternoon at the DI and Goodwill looking for old knit shirts I could cut up for fabric as it's almost nearly impossible to buy knit in the stores here. Also found a dress with some buttons I could use and looked for small zippers, buckles etc but no luck just yet. Oh... the fun of it all! Also have you thought of making a sunbonnet for your pioneer women doll? It might finish her a bit and maybe an apron. Hope you are feeling better and you too Alyce! Congratulations on the new GRAND baby! Nice talking to you last night Linda! Oh, Linda I was thinking about Leisel and wondered if you had any ideas for her clothes yet. Think on her and we can share ideas Monday on our call. Hope you all have a great day! Love ya bunches! Ruth

took me awhile to figure out how to put this *widget* on here. but she is on Dawanda now *the American Pioneer*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

pink purse

this felted purse id 2" by 2 and 1/2" I am not sure I have a button that will match..but after the outfit gets here I will see what I can do.

You can use the button off the purse I made, but I will also make a yo yo flower like on the hat that you can use if it works... is not thats ok too. Thanks Peggy. Ruth

That is so cute. Where did you get the pink felted wool? One of your purses? Hope you are OK, Alyce. Love ya, Linda

That is the tiniest, cutest purse I've ever seen!   A little girl would love that for her doll!   Great idea! (Alyce)

It's our DAD doll

Here he is.  this is the doll Linda, Ruth and I created for our Mother for christmas this year.  I think he turned out pretty well.

He is amazing!  Perfect.   I love the suspenders.   You are both amazing! (Alyce)

He is awesome.  i made the doll but Linda and Ruth took that to a complete new level.  Linda made the shoes,shirt and tie.  Ruth made the pants, coat and suspenders.  Mom told me tonight that she found a pair of glasses that looks like the ones DAD used to wear and he has them on.  Yep, a perfect joint effort.

Josie update

We now have a white t-shirt, tighter leggings and scrunchy socks and purse. I think she needs a knitted felted purse instead of this one. Can you do it Linda? Also the pink sweater needs to be 5 inches when measured at the buttons from the neckline to the bottom of the sweater. Then it will end right above the ruffle. OK, any other suggestions? Let me know otherwise I'll stick this in the mail to you Peggy. See if it will work on the Lorinda doll . I am working on a poka-dot jumper with leggings for Latoya. Ruth
This is the cutest ever.   See I knew you could do it.   She/he LOL is just right.  I love the scrunchy sox.  and the purse is too awesome.   and the white long sleeve top is perfect.  I think with a matching pink and purple necklace and bracelet she will be set!   WA TO GO RUTH!   YOU ROCK!  DON'T QUIT.  KEEP IT UP.   I SEE A NEW CLOTHING LINE FOR CHILDREN COMING UP!

OH My!   She is so cute!   How in the world did you make those shoes?   The leggings are perfect. (Alyce)

Ruth, I put another comment under your posting from yesterday.

Alyce, hope you are feeling better and congratulations on the new grandbaby. I love the name, Abby Sue.

Peg, I like the hat. I mailed the sweater and boots to Ruth so they can all catch up at her house???

Love you guys, Linda

Thanks Linda!   Boy the babies are really coming now aren't they?   How is Kristy's new little one?
Love, Alyce

The Hat With Ears

This is the hat to matches the brown sweater and boots that are on the red head doll at Lindas house.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Joseph Doll is now Josie for today!

OK, what do you think of this look? I need to finish the shoes and the ruffles are a little fuller than I wanted.. but... Please share any ideas you have as I am open to suggestions. Linda you sent me a strand of of light pink yarn you were making a sweater out of.... I think that would go really good with this outfit. Maybe a doll with some hair that comes out under the bottom of the hat a bit... Ideas... ideas....
Oh.... I found some fabric paper at Joann's today and printed off small labels 1 1/2" long by about 3/8" to put on dolls and clothes. It just says and the font is Kristin ITC size 9. Sorry it won't cut and paste here. Ruth

Yep I think the leggins need to be tighter.  but you are definately on the right path!  yes definately!

Monday, December 27, 2010


Here's the pictures of the hats.  I am gonna list the doll hats for $15.00

what I am working on this day

Linda I love the sweater and shoes/boots.  they are very cool.  did you made the levis too?
this is the doll i am working on today.  I have created a fairy wing pattern that will be made out of tulle. I will stiffen it with a mix of 50% glue and 50% water. then after it dries I can sew the wings onto the doll.
I think I will use layers of felt for her clothes.  and will paint/draw on her face.  I have not decided about that yet.  
I can not order more doll skin till the end of the week for the big dolls. I will make one more brown skin doll till then.
Talk to you soon     Gepetta

This is very interesting - Can't wait to see where this goes.  Amazing. - Alyce

New sweater and boots

Ruth, the pictures are awesome. Wish I could have been there to see everybody. The dolls matched each girl pretty well.

Here is what I did over the weekend.

Christmas Surprises

Mom's response when she opened the Dad Doll.

Nice to have Mike and the boys here!

Two proud papa's

The Dolls were a Hit!!!

Couldn't resist this picture for a good laugh! Trouble in the works!

Lots of fun! Ruth

Conference Call

I am good for the call this afternoon. I am going to try dying some of this hand-spun wool that I have today. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm good for the call today tooo..........  can't wait..........  love you alll.........
These Dolls are Great! WoW! What you are doing is incredible Peggy. I guess today is our conference call day. Is it going to work for you Linda and Peggy? Let me know. I am definately in the recovery mode today.... I'll try to post pictures of all the girls with their dolls today and try to get the video of Mom opening the Dad Doll from Paul. Ruth
PS Does the RJ doll have elbows?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Introducing R.J.

Looks like he got a new train for Christmas.  What he really needs is a new pair of pants and some brown shoes.   LOL
Started him late last night and just finished.
the question is;;;;;;;;;;????????????? do the fingers stay?
I think I can sculpt ears.  I will do more research and practice.  I am working on a new foot (with toes).  the pattern for the entire leg has to be changed and I am working out the details so the clothes will fit the same.
Ok, I'm ready to try my hand at doll making.   Should I order the supplies from the same place where we ordered before? (A child's dream? ) or was it weir crafts?    Do you think I can do it? Alyce

I know you can do it. If I can do it anybody can do it.  do you want me to make up a kit and send it to you? or you can order kits from weir crafts.  although they are closed until the 3rd. of Jan.
the best instructions and patterns are from  though.  They are difficult to find on the internet thoug.  Just tell me what I can do to help and I will be more than happy to get you started.
I love you so much!
I just looked and A Child's dream has patterns and supplies also.
I am out of doll skin and am needing to get more.  I have a small amount of brown left but that is all.