Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi, This is my third attempt at making us
a little baby Jesus.
Ruth wanted to make Joseph, Mary and Jesus
for the christmas holiday......
so I gave it a shot. I am working on another pattern for a miniature doll that is exactly the same as the
16" oness but only about 8" tall.
I finished another Lorinda doll. but she is naked (no pics of that!) LOL
It is cold and dark today so no picture taking. I went to the park to take pics yesterday but it was raining too hard and I gave up.

Love to you all....... Alyce are you feeling any better  YET?

I think I need to hold him and sing him a lullaby! He is so cute! Joseph can be Joe who I already have. Only problem....Not enough time to do all I want to do! Ruth
One more thought! What if we post him on Etsy and and see if he will sell say for like $25.00 or whatever you think... What could we use for a manger?

well now we have a problem...... i just dropped Jesus in the mail for you. LOL (that sounds funny doesn't it)

You can use one of the dolls from Alyce to fit for Mary. I guess we will have to come up with a manger and then take pics and sell them all as a set. You know for $275.00 or so.

I can not put Jesus on etsy, cuz I want to only put "outdoor shots" on there. Maybe that will help with sales.

Oh well hang on to Jesus and I'll make another one. I have the pattern now. (YOu can carry him around in your pocket with you). I bet he would love that!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

trying my hand at

Am trying my hand at making a felt dress and shoes for
this doll.   I think I know her name
but will wait until she has hair to tell you.
She is getting a white eyelet
apron to go with her dress.
Oh ya... pearls on the front of her dress!
How fun, thought you all would like to see what goes
on at my house.
Love you all
on more note:   I do know she looks like casper the friendly ghost at this stage!   LOL

Post a picture when she's done. Nice! Ruth

Friday, November 26, 2010

Grateful for you all.

well oh my heck.... I just love this.... looks like you are having way gobs o fun.
Miss you sis and hope you are getting that much deserved rest!
Love and miss you peglee
Peggy, the pictures are awesome!!!!!!! Everyone be sure to check the website as we made some changes tonight. The picture on the homepage even looks like us, I think.

Had a great day. Went swimming and snorkeling on the North Shore of Oahu and saw the temple. Going to the Polynesian Cultural Center tomorrow. I think the best part of this is watching how much fun Jonathon is having. The fire dancers should really get him going tomorrow night.

Had to put in a couple pictures of the grandkids. This is Forrest, chillin' on the beach. (With Jonathon in the background patiently waiting for us all to get out of the water.) And of course, Miss Photogenic, Clara, hunting for shells in the sand.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Love, Linda

Looks like you're having a wonderful time! Tell Amy and family hello for us! Love you! Ruth

Thursday, November 25, 2010

so much fun

         A day at the park .............So much funn...... took 118 pix and even got a few that were good.
I love the outdoor shots. did you make the red coat? Very Cute! Just got the Thanksgiving cleaned up, early morning shopping done and ready for the kids to come again and watch the Oregon State game and then Boise State. Good thing we have left overs. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are warm and cozy. I love you all!!! Ruth

Happy Holidays

                                                  These are the bunting dolls I am making
for the Vina Moses giving tree
this year.
I am hoping they will be received with joy.

Am so Thankful and Grateful

                                       Good Morning All:  I am so grateful and thankful for my family.
                                                I love you all and wish you the most best stuff always.  
Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

made the shoes

Have not tried them on anybody.  but had to share.  Good job on the pattern Linda Jean.  They are really cute.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing Lucy

Lucy started out kinda rough. She was meant to be a grandma doll.

Her hair is all white wool roving.
I needle felted a wig cap for her.
Layers and layers felted together until I got the correct thickness

Then I thinned it where I thought it was needed.

Then I needle felted it onto her head. The hair is on pretty tight, However,
I am not sure this doll can be purchased for a small child.
I meant for her to be an experiment. I am trying to figure out how to use raw wool for the thin
baby fine hair look. I am out of clothes for the dolls I have so you are going to start seeing lots of clothes copies.
I thought I had the complete dress pattern from the friendship pattern but I can not find it. Sorry. Anyway she is complete and ready to go to an older child.
This post by: peglee3

The red fleece coat would look cute on her. The dolls I have hair is a little to big for the hood, and Lucy may work out just right. I'll send it to you with some "Waldorf style clothes. We have a new grandson born tonight at 8:15 to Troy and Kara. Happy he is here and both mom and son are doing fine. Ruth

Congratulations Ruth and Tom. Tell Troy and Kara we are happy for them and especially for Tyson. Especially glad to hear they both doing well. We made it to Oahu and are enjoying the sun and warm breezes. We are planning on getting some sunburn tomorrow.

Lucy is beautiful Peg. You are really getting creative here. Do you want her posted on the website? How should she be listed? We have not received any evidence of any transaction from Pay-Pal re: Ruth's transaction buying the sweater. Also we have not received any notice from Pay-Pal that they have connected with US Bank to make sure the account is verified. Peggy, has something come through the jeanlee.dolls e-mail that I missed that says we are cleared to go live????

What dolls do you want listed on the website and which pictures do you want to use? The white-headed dolls against the white background are pretty hard to photoshop and make them look very good. They don't do the dolls justice. Is that an issue you want to worry about or do you just want us to put whatever pictures we have on there? Please either send an e-mail with the pictures you want to use or tell us which pictures you want, how you want them listed and how much you want them listed for. Also please make a decision about how you want the clothes listed. Did you change your mind about the "starter set"??? We will try to work on this as much as we can, but don't know which way to jump with it. I guess I don't understand how you want this website to look.

Went to an unbelievable fabric store with Amy this afternoon. It was a warehouse full of Hawaiian prints and Asian print fabrics. I got a couple of yards to make mumus for my grand-daughters and there will be some left over if Ruth is interested in making something "hawaiian" or "oriental" for an oriental or dark-skinned dolls. Also got some little tiny foam plumeria hair clips that look real for their hair. Got lots of ideas for maybe some specialty dolls down the road.

Love you all. Hope Ken is OK. Linda

Monday, November 22, 2010 here we are. Gone to the world wide web!

I don't know about you all but I am loving this and so happy.......... I think I'll go make a doll!

Coat Version #1

It snowed in Idaho... about 8 inches, and we needed a coat, so here is the first coat made out of fleece as I didn't have wool and wanted to test the pattern.

Cute little coat! I think I have the three most talented sisters in the world! You do know you can sell that right now on Etsy, - right Ruth?
Even in fleece (which would be astronomically less expensive!
although we all know I prefer wool -but there is a market for fleece!  Alyce
Home and Ken is doing just fine.   Drugged up on percocet and loving everyone and everything.   LOL  - Off to bed with me.   I'm dead tired tonight for some reason. 

Ok I just wanna know who posted this last comment. Alyce? Linda? Are you home from the hospital and /or did you make it to the big island across the big water?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Colorful Waldorf: How do you do Joe

Colorful Waldorf: How do you do Joe: "got his sleeves rolled up and is ready to go...... (I see his pockets need sewed down)  I hurredly put this outfit together cuz he had no..."


photo board

Iwill go to the craft store tomarrow and purchase a photo board.  Mybe I will take some dolls outside with me and get some shots.

How do you do Joe

got his sleeves rolled up and is ready to go...... (I see his pockets need sewed down)  I hurredly put this outfit together cuz he had nothing to wear.
But I wanted you all to meet Joe as soon as possible.    The hair is brown boucle that Alyce bought and I think it worked up just right.  And fast too.
Love you all


For the shoes, I started with the felt moccasin pattern and started out with felt and just kept cutting the pattern down and shaping it until I got the right fit. Then I took the felted one apart and copied the pattern from it. I will make more copies and put in tomorrow's mail for both Ruth and Peggy. (And Alyce, if you want one.)

I am packing and getting excited especially because it is snowing like crazy outside right now. Nothing is sticking to the ground, but still it's snowing. We are supposed to be to the airport by 8 am tomorrow, so will be leaving early to make sure we get there on time.

I really like these last few dolls Peggy. I think Ruth is right and the style is there. I am taking my knitting needles so will be working on sweaters. The colors I am working on are pink, yellow and brown, as that is the colors of yarn I have. Will send pictures.

Love you guys. I'll sit on the beach an extra hour for each of you.

Thanks for thinking of us as you are sunning on the beach!!! (supposed be be a high of 17 here on Wed.) Tell Amy, Tim and the kids Hi! As soon as I get a doll I can start finalizing some clothes patterns and make some that go with Pink, yellow and brown sweaters. Have a great time Linda! Ruth

Photo shooting suggestions

Mimi Kirchner makes dolls and sells them on Etsy.   She sells about 70 dolls per year.  At 250.00 per doll and higher.  She does her own photo shooting.
If you like the way her listings look (the white backgrounds of course),  I found on her blog how she does the shoot.

Here is her Etsy site

Here is the link to her blog.

Ok, I copied the above photo yesterday,  I have looked and looked for the post that shows more details on the photoshoot.   Oh well, can't find it,  but this photo gives you a bit of an idea.   She doesn't use special lighting,  but she shoots only on sunny days.   natural lighting the best with a white paper back ground.   interesting.   I like the way she lists each item on Etsy with a combination of shots for each item.   Some with white background and others in an outdoor setting.   etc.   interesting stuff.

I adore her wool dolls and I think wool is a dream to work with.    Ali and I made our first softies last night - owls   I'll post them on my blog.

ideas and shoes

I think the "starter kit" is a great idea.   At least worth giving it a try anyway.

Hey I wanna pattern for the shoes.  did you you use the felted one?  They are so very cute.  Could you make Gepettoette a pair?  LOL

Have you started packing up yet?


I think the appearance of these dolls are much more professional and have a character that is unique from other waldorf dolls. I think Linda and Peggy have perfected the style for our Waldorf designs. Peggy if you crocheted the shoes they are darling. I love the started package idea. So we need to finalize on the patterns and get going. I promise to work on that this week. Ruth

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another idea.

Ruth, had an idea while cruising around looking for inspiration.....what do you think about a "starter set" of clothing for the dolls. We are listing the dolls on the website as just the doll in underwear and then the clothing is separate. What about putting together a group of clothing and sell it as a package. It could be color-coordinated and be maybe a dress, a pinafore, a pair of shoes, a sweater, a sunsuit and a nightgown. We could charge like $50 - $60 for the package. What do you think???

Good night for real this time.

Shoes below!

Eureka! I have finally solved the dilemma of the shoes. Got the pattern figured out for shoes to fit the new foot on this new doll. I guess you just have to be smarter than the fabric. Ruth, I will stick my pattern in the mail to you on Monday if you want it. The foot on this doll is a lot different than the dolls you have there, so I think you will want it.

Next somebody has to show me how to navigate around this blog. I'm illiterate when it comes to computers. Honestly I do a lot better with ventilators and IV pumps.

Peg, Katie is beautiful. And you figured out crocheted shoes! These dolls are going to be the best in the whole world.

I think Ruth needs to compose our home page for us in rhyme.

Going to bed now. It's been a good day.

Love the shoes. Love these new dolls! I wanna make some! Ruth