Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy day

Congratulations Ruth on successful completion of your first mission. LOL as Peggy would say.

Haven't been making doll clothes so far today so I am behind but have knitting group here tonight so I will be working on more sweaters. Should have a blue one made out of cotton done tonight.

Peggy, the bowl is awesome. Did you stay up all last night to get it done?

Glad you're feeling better Alyce. Carbs make me feel good too, for a few minutes, then the guilt takes over. Just so I am straight.... you want 3 ballerina type dresses and 3 sweaters, right? Am I missing anything??

Ruth do you want to do the ballerina dresses? I made them out of gold lame and netting with glitter all over it. Bought it at JoAnne's. It was in the Halloween fabrics. I just used that Friendship doll pattern. I can send some on to you if you want.

Hopefully can post a picture or two later tonight. Love you guys.


  1. Are the sweaters already done?

  2. Linda I can make the ballerina dresses, Don't send me fabric I have plenty. I have fabric EVERYWHERE in my house! Let's use it and consider it free supplies. YEA!