Monday, November 22, 2010

Coat Version #1

It snowed in Idaho... about 8 inches, and we needed a coat, so here is the first coat made out of fleece as I didn't have wool and wanted to test the pattern.

Cute little coat! I think I have the three most talented sisters in the world! You do know you can sell that right now on Etsy, - right Ruth?
Even in fleece (which would be astronomically less expensive!
although we all know I prefer wool -but there is a market for fleece!  Alyce
Home and Ken is doing just fine.   Drugged up on percocet and loving everyone and everything.   LOL  - Off to bed with me.   I'm dead tired tonight for some reason. 

Ok I just wanna know who posted this last comment. Alyce? Linda? Are you home from the hospital and /or did you make it to the big island across the big water?

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  1. It must have been Alyce as none of us here are on percocet currently. Hope Ken is all right. What happened?

    We made it to Oahu. It is a different world.