Friday, November 12, 2010

final thoughts for today

I want to thank
the girlio that started all this.   If you hadn't introduced me to this awesome love of fabric creation I would not be spending every day thinking of each of my beautiful sisters and how wonderful they are.
You are the brain child of this Alyce and I love you for sharing this with me.
I want you to know that I am sending out 4  dolls to you tomarrow.  They will come COD.  Your Reese doll, the two dolls I created today and the spanish doll (Lolita)LOL.  I want you to start photo shooting and building for us.  It is time to get this moving.   I will have the rest ready in a few days.
Ruth:  Please send four or five sets of clothes.  Preferably cottons or other natural fibers. Simple styles and dresses, skirts etc. to Alyce. 
Linda: I know you are going on vacation soon, so bring whatever you have finished when you come on Monday and what we don't sell at the fair next saturday I will send to Alyce.

Alyce: I think we should ask Ali to help with shipping.  And I know that we can track sales on Etsy from our site.   I believe we can afford to offer Ali something for the leg work.

I hope this all makes sense, I feel that with the two dolls I made today that we are ready to start finding out what the public wants/needs from our family line of products!
Love you all and am very proud to be a part of this enterprise with you.
Once again, thank you Alyce for your brain storming research that has fueled my love to a creation of fabric life.
Love you

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  1. Can't sleep at night.... find my mind wandering to forest glades with little faces with bumping noses and inquisitive eyes staring up at me saying " I'm cold.... will you please make me some clothes" and then I see sisters running and saying Ruth Ann.... you better hurry and catch up. My life has to slow down soon so I can sew some skirts, tops and pants so these little ones can find their smiles. Love you all. Don't give up on me... I'll catch up. One question. Do we need to put some money in a pot, maybe to send to Peggy so she can have $$ to keep making babies? (Oh.. not sure how that sounded ha!)
    Love you all. The best part is getting to talk to all of you and be a part of what you are doing. My heart is full. Love you all so very much!