Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finished products!

One more dress done and pictures of just the clothes. I emailed these to Doug, but is fun to see everything here. Are you feeling better Alyce? Thanks for your input on the website, you have a gift for seeing those kind of things, that's why your blog is so good. Peggy, are you ready for the craft show? Wish I could come help you , but we'll all be thinking of you. Ok, Linda, I'm sure your granddaughters are going to love Christmas morning when they open your dolls from grandma! Well, rambling here a bit and 3 dolls dressed now and 3 to go... oh, what to do....? Well, mom's working on a hat... maybe I should do something to go with that! Ha! The fun begins again!


  1. I really think we are getting very close to being a "professional" bunch. Every day things are looking cleaner and more appealing to the eye.
    You all make me so proud.
    am sorry I get so crazy some times. (good thing I always mind Linda!)
    Night all

  2. Ok so my favorite is still the yellow one!