Friday, November 19, 2010

Got dressed to go outside

                                                     i think I want to take him to work with me.
                                         Anybody ever heard of "take your doll to work day?"

Doug is looking mighty handsome today!!! Love what you are doing! Ruth

I vote Best Dressed.   His hair is really good.   Is that the new mohair?  Those are the shoes you made- right Peggy?   Is he out of the new skin etc.  Is it working up differently?  Very cute! Alyce

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  1. Hi alyce, so I just found your comment. are you better? how is that terrible cough?
    The Douglas doll is not out of the new skin from Joys.
    but the Katie doll is. I like the weir craft doll skin better. It is thicker and has a 10% to 30% stretch which gives me lots more control when sewing and stuffing.
    And I believe the weir craft is cheaper.
    Love you