Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Introducing Lucy

Lucy started out kinda rough. She was meant to be a grandma doll.

Her hair is all white wool roving.
I needle felted a wig cap for her.
Layers and layers felted together until I got the correct thickness

Then I thinned it where I thought it was needed.

Then I needle felted it onto her head. The hair is on pretty tight, However,
I am not sure this doll can be purchased for a small child.
I meant for her to be an experiment. I am trying to figure out how to use raw wool for the thin
baby fine hair look. I am out of clothes for the dolls I have so you are going to start seeing lots of clothes copies.
I thought I had the complete dress pattern from the friendship pattern but I can not find it. Sorry. Anyway she is complete and ready to go to an older child.
This post by: peglee3

The red fleece coat would look cute on her. The dolls I have hair is a little to big for the hood, and Lucy may work out just right. I'll send it to you with some "Waldorf style clothes. We have a new grandson born tonight at 8:15 to Troy and Kara. Happy he is here and both mom and son are doing fine. Ruth

Congratulations Ruth and Tom. Tell Troy and Kara we are happy for them and especially for Tyson. Especially glad to hear they both doing well. We made it to Oahu and are enjoying the sun and warm breezes. We are planning on getting some sunburn tomorrow.

Lucy is beautiful Peg. You are really getting creative here. Do you want her posted on the website? How should she be listed? We have not received any evidence of any transaction from Pay-Pal re: Ruth's transaction buying the sweater. Also we have not received any notice from Pay-Pal that they have connected with US Bank to make sure the account is verified. Peggy, has something come through the jeanlee.dolls e-mail that I missed that says we are cleared to go live????

What dolls do you want listed on the website and which pictures do you want to use? The white-headed dolls against the white background are pretty hard to photoshop and make them look very good. They don't do the dolls justice. Is that an issue you want to worry about or do you just want us to put whatever pictures we have on there? Please either send an e-mail with the pictures you want to use or tell us which pictures you want, how you want them listed and how much you want them listed for. Also please make a decision about how you want the clothes listed. Did you change your mind about the "starter set"??? We will try to work on this as much as we can, but don't know which way to jump with it. I guess I don't understand how you want this website to look.

Went to an unbelievable fabric store with Amy this afternoon. It was a warehouse full of Hawaiian prints and Asian print fabrics. I got a couple of yards to make mumus for my grand-daughters and there will be some left over if Ruth is interested in making something "hawaiian" or "oriental" for an oriental or dark-skinned dolls. Also got some little tiny foam plumeria hair clips that look real for their hair. Got lots of ideas for maybe some specialty dolls down the road.

Love you all. Hope Ken is OK. Linda


  1. hoorah,,,, congratulation grandma. Don't send clothes just yet. Lets wait till you have some that will fit the new doll pattern. the boys I sent should be there soon.
    love you sis,

  2. hi Linda,
    so glad to hear you are having a good time.
    we got more snow last night so we are about froze solid. I turned off my fountain in the yard. It is already solid.
    I finished linking paypal to the web site last night before I went to bed. if you will go to www.jeanleedolls.com you will see that it's google live.
    I also put dolls on craigslist and started a jeanlee facebook page. I listed the dolls on ksl.com too.
    i guess you can put Lucy on the web site if you want. I really feel that each doll has to be sold with clothes on.
    That is the way all other dolls are sold and I think people will be more used to that.
    We don't have any clothes for "starter kits" ready now anyway.
    But we can make that final decision after you get back to the land of ice next week.
    When you get home lets do a conference call with our dressmaker and get this hashed out.
    Love you and am anxious to see the new fabrics and see pics of the kids. gepettoete