Monday, November 29, 2010


Hi, This is my third attempt at making us
a little baby Jesus.
Ruth wanted to make Joseph, Mary and Jesus
for the christmas holiday......
so I gave it a shot. I am working on another pattern for a miniature doll that is exactly the same as the
16" oness but only about 8" tall.
I finished another Lorinda doll. but she is naked (no pics of that!) LOL
It is cold and dark today so no picture taking. I went to the park to take pics yesterday but it was raining too hard and I gave up.

Love to you all....... Alyce are you feeling any better  YET?

I think I need to hold him and sing him a lullaby! He is so cute! Joseph can be Joe who I already have. Only problem....Not enough time to do all I want to do! Ruth
One more thought! What if we post him on Etsy and and see if he will sell say for like $25.00 or whatever you think... What could we use for a manger?

well now we have a problem...... i just dropped Jesus in the mail for you. LOL (that sounds funny doesn't it)

You can use one of the dolls from Alyce to fit for Mary. I guess we will have to come up with a manger and then take pics and sell them all as a set. You know for $275.00 or so.

I can not put Jesus on etsy, cuz I want to only put "outdoor shots" on there. Maybe that will help with sales.

Oh well hang on to Jesus and I'll make another one. I have the pattern now. (YOu can carry him around in your pocket with you). I bet he would love that!

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