Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's do it!

You are right Peggy. Lets get pictures of our "Sold" Dolls and get them posted. Great idea! Linda, I am sorry, I don't think you got my message. I could have done those dresses for Alyce. If you want I still can. Don't send me any supplies, I have plenty... fabric, fabric everywhere!!! Alyce keep the ideas coming, this is great!!! Peggy, Good luck at the show this weekend. Hope your day is great!!!

1 comment:

  1. Morning you kids,
    I am so excited, I feel we are on to something gihugically fun.
    Alyce keep up the good work, you rock Grandma!
    So sorry you are still sick. Maybe now is the time you should go to the dr.
    Linda thank you for all you do and have done you are awesome.
    Ruth I know you are starting your day early at the sewing machine. have fun and let the creativity flow. (I know you have oodles waiting to get out) Love you all Gepettoette