Friday, November 12, 2010

new face design

I wanted to share todays creation with you all.  she is going to be a dishwater blonde and appears to want to be about a few months old.  LOL
I think she should be one of the big 6.  She seems to like the camera and her hair will be added on tomarrow.
I have a question regarding the production plan.
What about the expenses that Linda and Ruth are for sure going to aquire.  There should be a plan in place requarding when they will be paid back.
Also..... Who gets all these dolls when none of them sell?
I'm just sayin.   None have sold outside of the family as of yet.   We need to concider that maybe the reason we can not find any out there are because people today can't afford them.
Next thing is when does Gepettoette get to have some money after expenses are all met?
Do all expenses get takin out of the 500.00?   Or after that amount then do you each get a percentage until all you spend is paid?
Then how are the profits divided if this does take off?

Last I vote for the name:  The Little Sister Doll comp.
ta da the end.
Love you all I hope this works and the bugs in the road don't bite before we are all rich!

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  1. Man, I wish we were all together just for a day to talk about the issues.
    Peggy, Can you tell yet what productions costs are per doll (if we have to pay 16.00 per yard for the skin? and how much is Roving.

    Also I think we should buy all the Roving we can find (Etsy) in preparation for the spring dry season.