Saturday, November 13, 2010

No Sleep.....

Can't sleep at night... find my mind wandering to forest glades, little faces with bumpy noses and inquisitive eyes staring up at me saying " I am cold... will you please make me some clothes" and then I see sisters running and saying Ruth Ann.... you better hurry and catch up. My life has to slow down soon so I can sew some skirts, tops and pants so these little ones can find their smiles. Don't give up on me... I'll catch up. One question, do we need to put some money in a pot, maybe to send to Peggy so she can have $4 to keep making babies? ( Oh, no sure how that sounded ha!)
The best part is getting to talk to all of you and be a part of wht you are doing. My heart is full. Love you al so very much! Ruth

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