Sunday, November 21, 2010


For the shoes, I started with the felt moccasin pattern and started out with felt and just kept cutting the pattern down and shaping it until I got the right fit. Then I took the felted one apart and copied the pattern from it. I will make more copies and put in tomorrow's mail for both Ruth and Peggy. (And Alyce, if you want one.)

I am packing and getting excited especially because it is snowing like crazy outside right now. Nothing is sticking to the ground, but still it's snowing. We are supposed to be to the airport by 8 am tomorrow, so will be leaving early to make sure we get there on time.

I really like these last few dolls Peggy. I think Ruth is right and the style is there. I am taking my knitting needles so will be working on sweaters. The colors I am working on are pink, yellow and brown, as that is the colors of yarn I have. Will send pictures.

Love you guys. I'll sit on the beach an extra hour for each of you.

Thanks for thinking of us as you are sunning on the beach!!! (supposed be be a high of 17 here on Wed.) Tell Amy, Tim and the kids Hi! As soon as I get a doll I can start finalizing some clothes patterns and make some that go with Pink, yellow and brown sweaters. Have a great time Linda! Ruth

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