Sunday, November 21, 2010

Photo shooting suggestions

Mimi Kirchner makes dolls and sells them on Etsy.   She sells about 70 dolls per year.  At 250.00 per doll and higher.  She does her own photo shooting.
If you like the way her listings look (the white backgrounds of course),  I found on her blog how she does the shoot.

Here is her Etsy site

Here is the link to her blog.

Ok, I copied the above photo yesterday,  I have looked and looked for the post that shows more details on the photoshoot.   Oh well, can't find it,  but this photo gives you a bit of an idea.   She doesn't use special lighting,  but she shoots only on sunny days.   natural lighting the best with a white paper back ground.   interesting.   I like the way she lists each item on Etsy with a combination of shots for each item.   Some with white background and others in an outdoor setting.   etc.   interesting stuff.

I adore her wool dolls and I think wool is a dream to work with.    Ali and I made our first softies last night - owls   I'll post them on my blog.


  1. Interesting. In the limited amount of pictures that Doug and I have done, I have found that lighting can really be tricky. What do you guys think about background? White or do you like the contrast of the solid colored background?

  2. The white looks really clean, and all you see it the doll, nothing to distract your eye. I do like the outdoor pictures on that site. Sometimes the setting can add, but sometimes it can distract. The are of photography...