Monday, November 15, 2010

Rough Draft

This is the first draft I have of skirt and peasant shirt. This might be cute with your red sweater. The shirt is 100% grey/cream with small dark navey stars and the skirt is grey brushed cotton gathered waist. Sash is red brushed cotton, but would be cuter with scarf fabric, gypsy like. Bunchy socks would be cute and maybe a scarf for head, maybe not... or a small string of gypsy beads for necklace. Give me some feedback to see if this is kind of what you are thinking or if you have other ideas. Thanks!


  1. this is too cute. I think if she had a hip scarf and a small scarf gathering her hair up she would be too cute. Are you having fun playing dolls? LoL . So fun isn't it.

  2. I just keep looking at her Ruth. You are a wonderful seamstress. I didn't know that about you!