Wednesday, November 17, 2010

these are for you MOM

                                    these top two are the watercolor card front I am working on
                                    A little stuffed sheep. I got the pattern from Alyces blog! It's got a thumb
                                            print indent from when I hung it up.  (It's hanging in my sewing room)

                                          Three wool handmade needle felted strawberries
                                              An unframed cross stitch I did
                                            My felted pincushion I use every day  I put the spool so you could see size
                                                              wall hanging  unfinished. of course
                                             inside doll head from the left side, before nose
                                                            with a nose now
                                                   profile shot with the nose.  too cute little face
                               Ta Da.... slip the skin piece on asew up the top and tie off the neck
                                                       and yo have the start of a fabric soul creation!

1 comment:

  1. I love the strawberries and the sheep and the wall hangings and the info on the dolls!