Thursday, November 18, 2010


I really like the website.

I like the neutral background.

I would change the blue font color on the home page to match the border around the photo.

The only question I have is

When you link the website to Etsy will you eliminate the catalogue section with the items and asking prices?

If so then the catalogue would seem redundant and confusing to the consumer.

When you link to Etsy, I would turn the website into more of a feature site.  By feature site I mean, tell the story behind the dolls and the doll makers.   Show the grandkids playing and enjoying the dolls.   Show the reader the birthplace of the dolls.   Make the dolls real to the consumer.

On your home page have a tab for shopping which links to etsy   - Let Etsy do all the selling.

A site that does this well (actually all Waldorf sites do this well, because that is the Waldorf style)

but one you can look at is here.      

If you are using Google Chrome -  You will be given the option to translate Mariengold homepage.

If you are not using Google Chrome then do a google search for Mariengold and choose (translate this page)

When you look at HEr site -  When you go to her shopping link it takes you to DaWANDA - THis is the europeon division of ETsy.

 So much for my two cents.   LOL :)

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