Monday, December 6, 2010

Ballerina Clothes

Ballerina Clothes for Bella if they work for you. Bodice is Satin Brocade, Tulle Skirt with tucks and Pink Ribbon bows. Brocade panties or flannel, (I made both for you to decide what to use.) Pink Satin ballet slippers. I am open to any suggestions for changes. Will look cute on the newest doll pattern as she is now dressed on the Sadie doll. I changed the pattern from the friendship patterns for the bodice and flannel underwear as well as the brocade underwear. Similar but has been changed. I don't know how different from those patterns we can go and be legal, thats a question I have. Ok! Talk to you this afternoon! Ruth
very nice pattern.   I think this will do very nicely!   I have one question..... who is the Bella doll?
I know we spoke of her...... but I can't remember which one she is.   Is she the Lorinda twin?
You are doing remarkable work Ruth,,,,, thank you so much.

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