Friday, December 31, 2010

Clothes for LaToya

Here are some clothes for the Latoya Doll. She is wearing the apricot sweater from Linda and has striped leggings. Do you think the lace up shoes are to heavy for the outfit... I can use them on the RJ Doll. This one has been a struggle as couldn't find the fabric I wanted, but I think this print goes nice with the sweater. Under the sweater is a yellow pull over shirt.

Here she is with yellow striped leggings, again, hard time deciding what works best, I think the darker ones.

Yellow shirt to match leggings.

Mom and Dad!!!! Notice the glasses.

these are very cute.   I really like the fabric you chose for the little dress. 
And DAD with Mrs. Clause's glasses is a *hit*.   I love it.

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