Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hansel and Gretel and LaToya

Peggy, is Gretel the first doll you have done her hips this way? Does she sit better? When you get the Lorinda clothes I mailed yesterday please try them on Gretel to see how they fit especially the leggings so I know for patterns. Then let me know. Cute! Ruth

These are really cute, Peg. The hair is amazing. I think you have it figured out. Do the legs take very long to make when you make them moveable? Can the doll sit up by herself with them? What kind of clothes are you thinking for them? Love ya, Linda

I had forgotten I have the tan skin fabric still to use. So now we have Hansel, Gretel and Latoya. Gretel has moveable arms and legs. I really do like the *finished* look this doll has. She looks almost like she is not made of fabric! Ahhhhh I love the *joy of creation*.
errrrr successful creation .....LOL

Peggy, are the legs skinnier on these dolls as I will need to know that for leggings or pantiloons, or knickers or whatever. The hands look better proportioned to the fingers. Nice. Oh fun.... I spent the afternoon at the DI and Goodwill looking for old knit shirts I could cut up for fabric as it's almost nearly impossible to buy knit in the stores here. Also found a dress with some buttons I could use and looked for small zippers, buckles etc but no luck just yet. Oh... the fun of it all! Also have you thought of making a sunbonnet for your pioneer women doll? It might finish her a bit and maybe an apron. Hope you are feeling better and you too Alyce! Congratulations on the new GRAND baby! Nice talking to you last night Linda! Oh, Linda I was thinking about Leisel and wondered if you had any ideas for her clothes yet. Think on her and we can share ideas Monday on our call. Hope you all have a great day! Love ya bunches! Ruth

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