Wednesday, December 15, 2010

here's Jordynn

This dancing dress is exactly the same color and style as Jordynn's first come home from the hospital after she could walk.

the nightgown oh this doll is my favorite!

My doll stand is not heavy enough to keep the doll from falling over.

she kept landing on her face during the shoot!

Thank you Linda I love these clothes. Jordynn will be a very happy girl on christmas morning.

I love the tutu. the gold color seems to set off the color of her hair

There are going to be some excited girls on Christmas morning with these dolls! How cute they all are! Thanks to each of you for sharing this with me! Love you all! Ruth

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  1. OH yea Jay was totally excited when she opened the dolly....When she put the Golden dance outfit on her she twirrled around and danced her snow flake dance. Lately though Isabella has been in her jammies. Jay loves her dolly<3