Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hope you don't mind having yourself on the www.

Well, I'm finally done building my website.   And you three with your dollies, are my featured article.   Hope you don't mind!

Linda, I'm glad you're home safely.  I loved seeing the photos of you and Jonathan enjoying sunny Hawaii!
I hope Tim and Amy are doing really well!

Ruth,  Your granddaughters are going to love their dolls christmas morning!   What fun. 

Peggy,  I love your new little 7 inch doll.  She is amazing.  She is my favorite so far.   I can't imagine how hard it was to work with such small pieces.   I love her clothes too.   She is really cute.  I think you should make more.   I want to hear what it was like to make her.   

I don't know if I'm feeling better or not.   The doctor wants me to start on prednisone today, I am suppose to pick up the prescription and start it today.   I want to get your thoughts on that Linda and Mom. 
Basically I can't quite coughing.   But yesterday I went to ikea and within about 10 minutes my chest was feeling so much better, and I wasn't coughing.   The body aches and tight chest were gone.   Then when I went back outside my chest tightened up by the time I got to the car.  Now I am beginning to think I can't handle the pollution inversions- just like Mom.    What to do now? 
Do you guys think I should take prednisone, and what can I expect if I do? 

Ken and I leave for a southern caribbean cruise Saturday morning and will return the following sunday night.   no computer, no television, just ken, wow, what am I going to do?  LOL 

Love you all, 
enough for now.
Alyce                              check out yourselves here:

Ruthie!!!   THAT's THE BEST idea I've heard all day!   Actually, the more I think about it.  Everything I would need is there!   LOL,  you still have me laughing!  :)

Hi Alyce... I don't think you should go on Prednizone... I think you should just hang out at IKEA!!! Love Ruth

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  1. Why don't you take some prednisone with you on the cruise, but don't take it unless your breathing gets really tight. Hopefully once you are out of the cold air and pollution, you won't need it anyway. It will make you really jittery and hyper and you will have trouble sleeping so only take it first thing in the morning if you take any at all. It also makes you put on weight and it's not all water weight either. My opinion, take it as a last resort. Have fun on the cruise.