Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Joseph Doll is now Josie for today!

OK, what do you think of this look? I need to finish the shoes and the ruffles are a little fuller than I wanted.. but... Please share any ideas you have as I am open to suggestions. Linda you sent me a strand of of light pink yarn you were making a sweater out of.... I think that would go really good with this outfit. Maybe a doll with some hair that comes out under the bottom of the hat a bit... Ideas... ideas....
Oh.... I found some fabric paper at Joann's today and printed off small labels 1 1/2" long by about 3/8" to put on dolls and clothes. It just says www.jeanleedolls.com and the font is Kristin ITC size 9. Sorry it won't cut and paste here. Ruth

Yep I think the leggins need to be tighter.  but you are definately on the right path!  yes definately!


  1. i think it is really cute.
    but it needs a long sleeve t-shirt under the dress.
    and for sure a little purse that has the same flower as is on the hat
    and could we have yellow sox.
    I really think you are on the right path!.
    maybe you should call one of your daughter in laws and have them have alook see.
    The leggins are a hit with me!

  2. You guys are doing it! The leggings are great! make them tighter to show the leg shape. Love the bright colors (of course!) LOL

  3. I love it. I think the leggings are great and how did you make the shoes??? Peggy's idea of a purse with the same flower as the hat is the finishing touch.

    I am working on the pink sweater now so will get that to you asap. I am trying to make one of the short ones that crosses across the front. The jumper and other sweater, etc are in the mail. Should be there tomorrow. Linda