Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Josie update

We now have a white t-shirt, tighter leggings and scrunchy socks and purse. I think she needs a knitted felted purse instead of this one. Can you do it Linda? Also the pink sweater needs to be 5 inches when measured at the buttons from the neckline to the bottom of the sweater. Then it will end right above the ruffle. OK, any other suggestions? Let me know otherwise I'll stick this in the mail to you Peggy. See if it will work on the Lorinda doll . I am working on a poka-dot jumper with leggings for Latoya. Ruth
This is the cutest ever.   See I knew you could do it.   She/he LOL is just right.  I love the scrunchy sox.  and the purse is too awesome.   and the white long sleeve top is perfect.  I think with a matching pink and purple necklace and bracelet she will be set!   WA TO GO RUTH!   YOU ROCK!  DON'T QUIT.  KEEP IT UP.   I SEE A NEW CLOTHING LINE FOR CHILDREN COMING UP!

OH My!   She is so cute!   How in the world did you make those shoes?   The leggings are perfect. (Alyce)

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  1. Hi, Wow! what a great doll. I'm starting out as a cloth doll maker myself. I really do like the purse just the way it is.