Monday, December 20, 2010

New knitted jumper

This is the new jumper that I knitted. It doesn't look so good without a blouse, hat and shoes. Think I have enough yarn left for a hat and maybe shoes. When I get those done, I will send it on to Ruth for the finishing touches and have her work her magic.
Alyce I hope you are feeling better and everything is OK with Taylor and the new baby.
Congratulations to Grandma Ruth. 3 grandbabies in one month. It's a record.
Love ya'll. Linda
Linda, this is soooooooooooooo  waldorf style.   way to go grandma!  I cant wait to see it with a cute little blouse and hat with a fabric flower on it.  Ruth mentioned an embroidered flower on the hem.  very cute. how long did it take?

I love this jumper. I think some leggins would be cute with this and mary jane shoes and turtle neck. I'll see what I can do. Very Cute! Ruth

Very very cute!   I love the jumper.   Yes Linda, we are all doing well.  I finished my prednisone, was still sick.  Third day now on nasal and inhaler steroid and I think today I am beginning to get over it.  Yay!
Snow day today about a foot of snow.  It's beautiful.   I'm almost done with Halle and Reeses quilt tops. 
I've been really busy making a king size quilt for Ali.   I took photos of her with all of us from past years and transfered them to fabric then pieced them into a quilt top.   It's at the quilters today and will be done by Christmas.   Last friday Taylor was dialated to a 4 but zero effaced and Abbe was still high. 
Steve and Taylor say she isn't allowed to come out until after the 25th.   We'll see about that!
Ken and the Kids, Kenny, Karen and Sami's friend are all headed to Las Vegas today for a football game (as long as the roads are clear).   They are coming back thursday night.    Then, - Christmas EVE!
Love to all of you,   hope all is well with everyone.   I sure miss you!   Alyce


  1. Probably 5-6 hours altogether. I guess I should start keeping track, huh? Fabric flower would be a great idea. Next time, I think I'll make it about an inch shorter though. Live and learn, I guess.

  2. I want a coat for my doll<3 she can't go outside without one<3 she may get too cold!!!!! love how detailed the clothes are....