Monday, January 31, 2011

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Please say HI!
before you go.


ok, here's 8 pair.
sorry no blue yet.
Ruth you should recognize the brown ones.
I'll keep making pairs between dolls, undies,petticoats,work,sox and sleep!
havin fun now!

A girls gotta have shoes!!!! Ruth

Ok Mike I told you this was coming.......LOL

As promised...
Here's Mike and his fish!

This one is *The Silly Nyberg's*



words to live by..........

I LOVE IT! Alyce

The resemblence is INCREDIBLE!!! Perhaps even a little better looking than in real life! HA! Love these Peggy!! Ruth


These are the two sweaters I was talking about.

Linda, I think this sweater is the most bestest of all the ones you have made yet.  (this one and the yellow one)
I really like the pattern on this one though.   Way to go.... you are awesome!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wonderful Quilt

Alyce made this beautiful quilt for her granddaughter. The girls drew the pictures and Alyce transfered them to fabric, and hand embroideried the picture. Using fabric she stripped the pictures to make a quilt block. Sewed them together and machine quilted the entire thing. Priceless and a treasure forever! Wonderful Alyce. Thanks for sharing!!

This is a wonderful idea. I tried to do something like this a few years ago but one of the red fabrics bled all over everything. Learned my lesson to use better quality fabric. Awesome job Alyce. Linda

Walter Rane

The Desires of My Heart
This is one of Walter Rane's paintings

In Remebrance of Me

this is his vision of the *last supper*

PortraitThis is Walter.

He was our speaker
at our 3rd block
today in the

Two of his works are hanging in the Portland, Oregon temple.
See......... yep.......
I love Sundays.

Absolutely beautiful!!! Ruth


I love her hair and I think the slide show is great too. Linda

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Still learning

i posted the slideshow. if you all want me to take it off I will.
I am trying to set a slide show on my teaching blog and it wound up on our blog.

My livingroom

Help! Help!
I'm getting surrounded

Cleaned my livingroom and this is what I found.
Maybe I should not clean my sewing room!
I'm sure there are more in there.

Ha! Wish I was there to see these live! Ruth

Love it. What a group. Linda

Hans,Gredal and Megan

This is our Handsome Hans

And here he is with his beautiful Gredal

Looks like they are getting ready to go for a walk in
the forest.

This is my favorite picture of this couple. Nice to see them all together! Ruth

And this is our new little girl Megan

isn't she a cutey showing off her new clothes

Hans and Greda are amazing. The coat for Hans is really well done and them holding hands really is something. I have two pairs of black Mary Janes done and have two more sweaters ready to send. Ruth do you want the sweaters? I'm trying to figure out Hans' hat tonight. Wish me luck. Linda

Megan is adorable. Something about her looks more childish. Did you change her face? Linda what colors are the sweaters? If you want you can just take pictures and post them so I can get an idea on them. Let's see if we can save on postage. Ruth

Friday, January 28, 2011

Littlest Doll i ever saw

These are truely the most amazing little babies I ever saw.  I had to share them with you all.
I will never make one of these, but some how my life is better just because i got to know they are in this world at the same time I am.
He (Brody is listed at  $1200.00)

Eric's new clothes

Ok Ruth here is our Lucy and I made her some new shoes.   Tell me which pair should we keep with the outfit.

It's our Eric in his new stylin clothes!

He had to stand on his head.  (Can't let the girls how a guy up!)

ok He likes bein upside down!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Elliea twin

this is the first doll that can actually stand up alone
Should be complete by tomarrow night.

LOL - I enlarged the photo, Oh my,  you have dolls and doll parts all over your house!   LOL (Alyce)

An This. this is Our R.J.
doin a little dance *ta da* step for us.

it's 11:30 and I have loads of more pictures, but will have to post them
tomarrow night after work.

Well, maybe one more!
here's Lucy....  remember her!


Hang on to your hat kids

This is gonna be a BIG post!

Do you remember our Little Girl Liesel!

What about Laytoya?

And our Silly Genny?

What about the most beautiful Gretel!

These are the most *beautifulest* of all dolls in the land!
I have them all lined up in the livingroom and they are looking at me, I'll tell ya it is pretty humbling to see
all the wonderful creative talent that is here tonight.
Ruth and Linda i am so proud of what we are and have created. I will continue to take and edit more pictures but this is gonna take some time.
I Love you , Love you, Love you

???? Does Gretel need a shawl? What do you think? Ruth

Nope. she is absolutely perfect just as is.
would you like to make another story book doll?
which one.
How about........
Littl Bo Peep