Friday, January 14, 2011

Elleia is dressed!

A little Samoan doll needs sandals so here they are!

Now she is all dressed and ready to go!

Thanks Linda for this fabric. It is perfect!
Michael if you are looking let us know if this will work. Love you Brother!!!

Ruth, this is so cute. The fabric worked up great and I love the sandals. Hope you like it Mike! Ruth, when you are out and about keep your eyes open for pink and dark green separating zippers. I need one of each color, doesn't matter how long to go in the front of sweater vests I've made, but I can't find zippers for them. We only have one store in town that sells sewing notions so the selection is pretty picked over. Thanks. Love y'all. Linda

I have a funny kind of outlet fabric store here that seems to have alot of that kind of stuff. I will check Monday and let you know.

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