Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gretel Clothes

I'm thinking maybe this hat might be better for Gretel. We'll see.

Did you try the scarf on with the hat?

I think these shoes you made Peggy would look better on Gretel. Do you have more of this felted wool? I wonder if we could make a pair of boots for Hansel. What do you think?

I still have the slippers and they were made out of the same needle felt I sent to you.

I see you have been using your crop o dial.......... that makes me happy. they can do so much!

the trim you chose for around the bottom of her skirt is perfect. Just enough (maybe some tassels of the same color threads on her sox.)


You need me to send you some felt? I can get 1/4 - 1/2 yard of each color and send to you.
Is it possible to embroider a small flower on the corners of her scarf.
What about red laces in her shoes and her vest? what do you think of that. with a very small embriodered red flower on the corners of her scarf. *just some ideas* I think it needs a little splash of red {not much}
what do you think?
Really if you choose to leave it as is........ I do like it this way too.
Love you today, peglee

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