Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handmade hanger.

Isn't this the easiest and best idea to hang up doll clothes!
A person could set and make these while watching a movie.....
Like no brainer stuff!

I thought I would include a picture of our doll pattern and what our kids look
like before they are assembled.
To assemble I use 4 ply thread and insert buttons into the tops of the limbs. then run the thread threw the button and then the skin of the limb - then through the doll body and out the other side - then through the skin of the other limb into the button. then I double back through the button and the skin - back through the body and into the limb and button where I started.  Take the needle off and then tie a knot very snuggly in the 4 ply thread and then tuck the thread down into the limb cavity.
finish stuffing and then sew up the limbs.
there's a short tutorial for you.  I hope the assembly process made sense.

ta da..... assembly complete

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