Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hang on to your hat kids

This is gonna be a BIG post!

Do you remember our Little Girl Liesel!

What about Laytoya?

And our Silly Genny?

What about the most beautiful Gretel!

These are the most *beautifulest* of all dolls in the land!
I have them all lined up in the livingroom and they are looking at me, I'll tell ya it is pretty humbling to see
all the wonderful creative talent that is here tonight.
Ruth and Linda i am so proud of what we are and have created. I will continue to take and edit more pictures but this is gonna take some time.
I Love you , Love you, Love you

???? Does Gretel need a shawl? What do you think? Ruth

Nope. she is absolutely perfect just as is.
would you like to make another story book doll?
which one.
How about........
Littl Bo Peep

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