Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hans,Gredal and Megan

This is our Handsome Hans

And here he is with his beautiful Gredal

Looks like they are getting ready to go for a walk in
the forest.

This is my favorite picture of this couple. Nice to see them all together! Ruth

And this is our new little girl Megan

isn't she a cutey showing off her new clothes

Hans and Greda are amazing. The coat for Hans is really well done and them holding hands really is something. I have two pairs of black Mary Janes done and have two more sweaters ready to send. Ruth do you want the sweaters? I'm trying to figure out Hans' hat tonight. Wish me luck. Linda

Megan is adorable. Something about her looks more childish. Did you change her face? Linda what colors are the sweaters? If you want you can just take pictures and post them so I can get an idea on them. Let's see if we can save on postage. Ruth

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