Saturday, January 1, 2011

The cute little pink purse.

I hope this fits perfectly with the Lorinda doll clothes that are on the way to Peggy. I love it!!! The one Peggy made is awesome also. I can hardly wait to see how you all decide to dress these dolls once we get enough clothes to you. I love what's happening here! Ruth

OK, Which doll would look best in this? I know.... ALL OF THEM!!!! Ruth

This is what I've been working on the last couple of days. The purse still needs the button. Love you guys. Happy New Year! Linda

I love the multi colored sweater with one button on the shoulder. Can I have one like it! LOL
You have got to be the most talented knitter I have ever seen! Way to create! Thank you for sharing with us.

WOW! Linda, I can see why you were excited about this sweater. I think this is my favorite today... But everyday one of them is my favorite. The granddaughters are still carrying their dolls to every family event we have. I think they really like them. Yesterday after we all bowled the 3 older girls wanted to make more clothes for their dolls, so we hid in the sewing room and sewed. Thanks again Peggy for starting this. Ruth

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