Sunday, January 9, 2011

Linda Spinning the Yak

No. not Yuk,

Wow. Linda! I'd like to see that up close, wonder when I'll next get to Washington. Amazing. Did you teach yourself how to spin? Wow. I'm really glad you posted these photos. Very nice. (Alyce)

I was wondering when you were gonna get around to the Yak...... I it looks like it is spinning up pretty well. Are the thick and thin spots giving you fits?
Looks like it must be cold at your house too. (got lots o sweaters on) LOL
I finished the Elleia doll this evening and she is off to the designer tomorrow. Peggy

YEA! I wish I was there to watch, I think of when I tried spinning and I just kept peddling forward then backward..... AAAGH! Nice to see the master at work. You are a great example Linda! Ruth

I wouldn't exactly say I'm a master but I am getting better. The fiber is VERY soft and pulls apart really easily. Definitely not a beginning project. I spun for about 2 hours last night and only got about 1/3 of one bat done. I have 7 bats. It's going to take awhile. In answer to your question, Alyce, I watched a video and then spent a couple hours with a lady who knows how to spin and the rest is all practice. I am hoping someday to be able to make yarn that is perfectly straight and not bumpy and knobby. I'll keep you posted. Linda

I recommend making a video of the process and posting it on this blog and the website.   With the proper wording it would be a huge draw on Google search.   Alyce

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