Monday, February 28, 2011

This is the backpack made up. This is the small size. Peter Got No Tail would fit nicely in this size because of his long thin legs. I would definitely recommend, however, that for our regular dolls we use the large size. Not a difficult pattern, though, and it has lots of possibilities. Linda

well it worked up way more cuter than I thought it would. and can I just mention. the colors you chose are really cool. and how long did it take to make? and was easy?

Really fun. Please bring the pattern. I think I'm going to need to make some of these. Ruth

It took me just over 2 hours and was fairly simple. The pattern called for making the straps out of bias tape but I made them out of the corduroy so they would be wider and more comfortable. I will bring copies. Linda

Colored glass bottles

Had these bottles for some time.  Just located these cool labels
I think they turned out pretty neat.

More Quiet dolls

So fun to make..... am going to donate these to our serice
auction at church!

Quiet Doll

This design is great for church dolls.
I have a boy design and am working on it now.
If you want the pattern and design just email me and let me know.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here is Abby carrying her new basket and looking for flowers or Easter eggs to fill it up. A little starch should give it a little more body and since there is snow outside, a trip to Michael's should fill it with flowers. What do y'all think? Linda

How cute!  You were exactly right this is the perfect touch for a little girls easter outfit.  How long did it take you to make it?  And for heavens sake please tell me you wrote down the instrctions.  LOL

She is done

She is finished and i really like
the colors on this one.

If you want the pattern just go to:
pattern is there

Daisy doll

have been working on this dolly
i'll call her Daisy.
in between working on the Peter
Cotton Patten

Unpacked again....
this will be the 3rd time I pack up the tote..... If we get to come next weekend.

Wow..... It looks like my livingroom should be a
Stephen King movie!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

here are the instructions on how to take the emblem above to the pillow you see below!

such a cute design for a chair pillow in the kitchen

Friday, February 25, 2011

Remember Peter?

Remember Peter Cotton?

Now he is Peter Gottontail!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Epattern savings

Purchase all separately  or

This is what's going on at our house, what about yours? Linda

Ew...... Brrr, it's snowing here to, but you have more and bigger. Today I'm sad you're not coming.... Better to be safe. Ruth

Crochet Evergreen tree

Cuteness, and the link for the instructions is:

and its free

Waldorf doll Slip epattern

This pattern is so very simple.  I made this slip in a total of 30 minutes.
that included printing the pattern and taking the picture.
go to to purchase it.
will fit any 15-18" doll

it's True

Here's an update on the snow
It is snowing sideways as I am posting this


These are all pictures I took from inside my
house.  Thought you would like to see......
This is the reason we can't come to the doll open house ....

So sad you won't make it this weekend but hopefully you will be able to come soon!   Your snow sure is beautiful - enjoy it while you can, it will be gone quickly.   I'll meet you in Idaho when ever you get there. 

Love, Alyce

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



to the pattern page.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


He's done, unless I can figure out a way to put a bouquet
of easter flowers in his hands.
Ruth - it's Peter gotnotail!

Oh my goodness you guys are so resourceful and creative .... and fast. You have both been VERY busy today. I don't think I can keep up. Everything you've both done today is wonderful. I love Peter and all of Ruth's clothes. The basketball outfit is amazing. Our dolls are so much cuter than anything else I've seen in a long time. The patterns are wonderful too. I will keep working on my notes for the knitting patterns, but I'm afraid I'm still a ways out from having them finished in a format that people could easily read and use. I got the roving today and it is very nice. Should work very well. Love you guys. I am going to go knit for awhile. Can't hardly wait until we get together and we can see all this stuff together in one place. Love, Linda

DJ Clothes & Peasant clothes

I made several of these skirts and blouses for us to match sweaters too. Mom made this cute hat.

I don't know what team colors are the favorite, so I choose Century High School colors and number 45 is the number Trent, Troy and Matt all used playing sports. So... Basketball anyone?

I looked for bb shoes but was not successful finding.   I love this outfit and think it is so very cute.  I will try and create a basketball pattern.  See what I come up with.  *hope it isn't flat on one side*! LOL
You make this so fun........ thank you for alll your hard work and devotion.


Click to see full size image of your Waldorf Doll

These ideas are from Fairywool Doll.  Although few are now available.

 I included all the clothing I can locate onto the clothing page.   If you are interested in seeing all the styles and beautiful creations go to the clothes page and check it out.
*Linda - do you want me to put all your hand crafted items on that page also* peg

Felted pin cushion or door hanger

Felt is so fun to work with. Didn't take long at all to make this. Happy Valentines day.... ( just a little late!)

can I have the pattern?  I love this.......gepetta

Monday, February 21, 2011

gettin ready for easter

Looked for several days, trying to find a bunny pattern that I liked.
finally gave up and created my own.
He is setting on his pants. (they are not finished yet). guess I will make all his clothes
tomarrow and then put the detail work into the pattern and get it ready to post.
If you want a copy of the pattern just let me know and I will email it or bring it wit me when we come.
He is very easy and goes together fast. I used fabric pens for his face. 
He is awfully cute. Is his name Peter and does he have a cottontail? I'd love the pattern. YOu should make all your own patterns. Ruth


Ok Ruth here is what you got me started on. And thank you Alyce
for providing the training for the stitchery!

Mom - which of these are coming to your house?

This looks really cool. Good job. A whole quilt made like this would be really cool. Linda

Sunday, February 20, 2011


This listing is on Mimi Kerchners blog!
I am pleased as can be! This is a real compliment for me.
by the way I am listed as:
peglee of Jeanlee dolls ......

she was kind enough to link the listing back to our blog!

Pretty cool to have her share! Ruth

She is getting really close

I have created a pattern for this doll.
if anyone else wants a copy just email me and I would be happy
to epattern it to you.

I am gonna put a pocket on the back so a small doll can be taken along. 

Mom and Linda

dolly chair

Antique Doll's Country Wooden Rocking Chair
isn''t this the cutest little dolls chair.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

wheatberry doll

I saw this doll in a dream last night and I thought this
would be an excellent way to build embroidery skills.
Do you want the pattern Ruth?
She would look really cool with the beaded embroidery we spoke of.
She is a Looooong way from being finished.

Yes! She would, Embroidery and beads all over her! I'd love the pattern. Ruth

New dollies - " Kenny and Karen "

the dolly on the left is going to the hair dresser this afternoon to have her extentions
latch hooked on.
Ok, Alyce it is your turn to name dolls.

What are their names?