Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dress for Ethnic doll

i think this pair of sandals turned out way alot better!

Did you string the necklace? and what about the belt?so good
Found the beads and strung them on elastic thread. The belt is a stretchy headband with a button sewn on, then just wrapped around the doll and hooked over the button.

Tom said he thought this dress looked Native American.... Not sure, but probably on one of the dark skinned dolls. Had to try the shoes again. Should I make another Mu Mu dress like for the Elliea Doll out of the rest of the blue hawaiian print you sent Linda? Beautiful fabric and that doll turned out so cute

You are correct this will love very good on against a dark skin. can't wait until we all get there. we are gonna have so much fun playing dolls!.

I really like this too, but I do think it will look better on a dark skinned doll. Go ahead and use the blue hawaiian print if there is enough. If we need more, I'm sure I can get Amy to do a scouting trip for us at the shop I got this at in Honolulu. Linda

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