Friday, February 18, 2011

Exciting New Talent

These were all thrown by
Marc Springsteed.
He says he likes working the potters wheel.

My Gosh!  Marcus these are all just beautiful.  I can't believe how talented all of you are.  Grandpa Nyberg would be so proud of his "Helper M".  Wish I could be there with you guys for a few days.  My love to all of you.  Grandma and Grandma Great

Who is Marc?   I assume he is related to Sunshine.    These are beautiful.   How big are the bowls?

All of them are cereal bowl size and the others are cup size.
I keep telling him we need to list some of his work on our site under *jealee creations*  but his Mom is
not wanting to see any of them leave the family yet.  LOL peggylee

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