Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I found my sewing room!

Yesterday I had to clean my sewing room. It was really scarey!!! So today I got to sew. Here are a few creations. This is the first jumper and was made to work out the bugs in a new pattern.

Ruth, I really like this little blue dress..... the ribbon is just the right touch. Lindas blue sweater will make the outfit perfect.

I love this cute sweater and hat from Linda. Wish these were dressed on a girl doll and posted for Valentines day!

perfect for Valentines Day

This is the 2nd dress from the new pattern and I needed the pattern altered so I had to sew one more dress to test the pattern. It fits perfectly. Next I will try a lighter colored fabric (perhaps a seersucker ?) and think it will be perfect!

I think Lolly will be very cute in this green dress.

One more frilly dress. Blue bow is for the hair.

Oh my Ruthie! You are so talented. How long do these dresses take you to make?
I love them all! Love Alyce

Oh me too, i love them...... all of them....... peg

They are beautiful. I can hardly wait to come and dress them all. Linda

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