Friday, February 4, 2011

More dresses

Ho Down anyone? Here's your tule petticoat Peggy!

Love this sweater Linda sent. Works well with this dress, but I may make a straight skirt and try that with it also. I will get the yarn for the hat to mom.

Ruth, these are so cute. The sweater looks really good with this pink and brown dress. It will be really cute with brown shoes. I'm sure Peggy has some made up. I've been working on a blue sweater and should have it finished later tonight. (Had to take a break from figuring out patterns. My brain was on overload.) Anyway this yarn is self-striping so I think it will be cute. Not sure what you can come up with to go with it. It is kind of boy-type sweater I think. Next project, more shoes???? or shall I try tackling Han's hat again? Linda

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