Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring Dress

Notice the brain squeezer! Mom's working on a bunch for us! This is just out of an elastic head band.
Bring on the brain squeezers! we need loads of these! Way to go Idaho

This outfit will probably need white shoes, mary janes or other, maybe a white purse or basket with flowers. So far haven't found a small enough basket. First pair of pantaloons! May work for Annabelle or Lolly or Genny or.......any of the dolls with long hair. Linda, a white sweater would be cute with this I think.

I think Anabelle will look very cute in this. Very....... ok, so I made 2 dolls yesterday and now I am behind again! ruth...... what is going on? It would appear that this is really getting alot easier for you. Doesn't look like you are struggling so hard with these creations. I approve! Very nice work. I do hope you are putting our name tags on each article. I would hate for your creations to all of a sudden show up on another website somewhere!
You make me very proud!!!!!!!!!

This is a beautiful dress and you are right. A white sweater will be perfect. I have finished 2 pairs of black Mary Jane's. Do you want them now or shall I wait and bring them?

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