Friday, February 4, 2011

1901.912 Irish Step Hand Knit Wool Jumper Dress *SALE*
this jumper is $32.00 at the Llamajama

1901.901 Zoo Hand Knit Wool Jumper Dress *SALE*
this jumper is also $32.00

1901.909 Peruvian Stripe Hand Knit Wool Jumper - Pink *SALE*This one is $27.00
The Llamajama is in australia

these are cute.......... but I really like the one with the animals on it. Why can't we embroider animal designs on some of Lindas creations? or maybe small animal sillohettes?

I don't see a problem with long as one of you draws the animals. Linda

I love this one.... polkadots and stripes!
yes oh yes! I'll make the wand!

Ok ,,,,, I think that is enough beautiful dress ideas for today. honestly I can not pick which I like the best.
they are all so very cute. I REALLY like how a simple dress or outfit can change with a simple embroidery on it. It really WOWS it up!

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