Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Up dated Round Robin Quils

Last month I told you about our Round Robin Quilts we are doing in our quilt group. Another month gone by and another block added to each members quilt. Four more blocks will be added in the next few months to complete each quilt. This first one is Mom's quilt so far! Hope you enjoy these creations in the works.

Jeans' Quilt

Ruth's Quilt

Linda's quilt

Peggy's quilt

Maryl's quilt

Joyce's quilt

Donna's quilt.
Thanks to everyone in the group! We love your talent and ideas! Wish you all could join us in our quilt group.... we almost have tooooooo much FUN!!!

I enjoy gettting to see how they are coming along. thank you for posting them some more again. peggylee

These are beautiful. I need to live closer and have every Monday off so I can come too. Linda

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