Thursday, March 31, 2011

AMY and the Winter garden

The third in the season series.

                                                      the winter garden in a child's china


Don't you just love her!
she is soooooo squeezable!

If you want to visit another beautiul Blog:
is like a breath of fresh air.
Stop by there and say hello to our dear friend
Mary Ann

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New pinkeeps

These are listed for sale at
very reasonable pricing.

This is my *summer garden*

                                                 Here is *summer garden & spring garden*

                                                         Here is the *treasured pinwheel*

Pin cushions are for sale at

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring hats for sale

Hand crafted and are made for dolls/infants.
They will fit a 15"-16" size head.
they are listed for sale on the *dolls & clothes* page

You guys are just too creative for me. Everything you've done over the last few days is really cute. All I've done is work. Maybe I can get some serious knitting time in this weekend during conference. It is my favorite 2 weekends of the whole year. Linda

well mine is gonna be short lived!    Soon.... alll to soon ..... all this easy life will be over and it means:    No sleep for me......LOL

Spring garden flowers

the teacup and saucer are part of a child's china
set, very small and dainty.

Anybody Knome?

More free stuff! Wouldn't 7 dwarfs be cute in a giant mushroom holder? Makes me smile this morning. Check the "Tutes and Free" link at the top of this page for instructions!

oh my heck,..... aren't these the cutest! I think I am gonna try to make one......or........twelve.....LOL
thank you Ruth for finding and sharing these!

Monday, March 28, 2011

onion dolls

Aren't these fun!
the link for the free tutorial is on the
tutes and free page......

Listed Linda's sweater

Linda's creation

Hand knitted and oh so lovely is listed on the
dolls and clothes page, etsy and

Go Here to purchase this beautiful sweater that will fit a

This listing is for the hand crafted sweater only.
Thank you for stopping and shopping with us!
You make our day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The three bears

They are not what you expected are they!
The pink one has on his tails.

The frreeeee pattern and instructions are on the Tutes and Free page.
Check it out.

Very cute. I may have to make some of these for grandkids' Easter baskets. Linda

Saturday, March 26, 2011

fun stuff and crafts

pretty lazy day

Very cute! You are so fast and creative! Box off in the mail to you yesterday. Fabric and Doll clothes! Ruth

I have not got any waldorf dolls without clothes..... I guess I better quit playing around and get down to the joy of creating for kids.
I got side tracked learning the new styles in face sculpting and armature building on the lady dolls.
I will get some heads sculpted tomarrow after church. Love you

They are all so cute. Peg, you are just leaving me in the dust! I really love the mushroom pincushion too. Ruth, I'm sending shoes, clothes and sweater to you tomorrow. Talk to you both in the morning. Happy Sunday, Love ya. Linda

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ready to go out

She can't decide if she should have chocolate or
rocky road.   Hmmmmmmm

better look out and see if we need an umbrella

She has to watch the rain for a few minutes.

Wow,  she is giving me a look!!!!

Ok Peggy,   She is so FUNNY!   I love her.   Her sweater, dress, anklets, shoes, hair,  every thing is perfect.   I think you should do more of these.  She is so one of a kind I love everthing about her.  

She cracks me up.   How did you make her sweater?   and hair?   and was she fun to make?  Love, Alyce

Hi sis,  Have not heard from you for awhile.  So glad to know you are still with me.....LOL
These dolls are very labor intensive and take several days to make.  The good news is:  every time I
look at their faces I crack up!   LOL
they are a joy for me to be with.   The sweaters are recycled fabrics from old sweaters as are most all of the fabrics I have used on them.....  Almost all of the supplies have come from my stash.  the stuffing I have changed to a different maker.  It is fairfield and very silky.  much better quality and does not separate like other stuffings.  Including wool.   The hair is actually handmade wigs of human hair.  I did purchase these. but the results speak for their self. 
I am so very happy you like her.
I have another with dark brown hair that will be completed in a few days and I will post her.
Love you forever

Ok they are dressed

And been to the photo shoot.






Here they are all hangin
with the giraffe.

Pretty Cute stuff goin on here!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey guys, I found the perfect shoes. They are exactly the right size and come in six different styles. What do you think? Linda

They are perfect!!! I think we should get more of these. Black and brown seem to be the most used colors. I'll look at the outfits I have and let you know what I could use. Ruth

I really like them..... did you find the tennis shoes? and what did you have to pay for them? I think these are gonna be perfect for the summer line of clothing. What are we gonna do for Christmas?

They are 0-3 mos size and I found them at WalMart. There are two different colors of tennis shoes and 4 or 5 different girls shoes, including some pink sparkly ones that Katie found for me. The tennis shoes are in blues or browns. The girls are flowered, pink, blue and white sandals with a flower on them. They stay on really good, but all have velcro and Katie was able to get them on and off by herself. Let me know what you want and I'll make another trip. Linda Oh yeah, they are $5 a pair.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

more pin and needles

You guys are both so creative. I seem to be getting way behind. Ruth, your Tom is perfect. What a cute idea. Peg, all the ladies in my knitting group yesterday loved my frumpy grump. It is really amazing. Keep up the good work girls. I'll try to catch up someday. Linda

More serious volumizing shampoo problems going on
at my house.

Made these pincushions on the ride to and from
the temple today.
Yep more fun!

Don't forget to check the Tutes and Free Page
there is new stuff there almost every day!
Presents for you from jeanlee dolls!

Oh my! SHE IS SO FUNNY! Made me laugh right out loud this morning!!! I think the Volumizing isn't just in the shampoo! Ha! and What cute pincushions. The embroidery is awesome!!! You just keep inspiring me! Ruth

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kind of a raggedy ann doll face.

New Companion doll from Ruth's Book
She was very fun to make.
I kind had a hard time with her dress and adding the lace,,,,
but finally figured it out.
thanks Ruth.

They are kind of fun to make, especially the faces. Now that I know about wig caps I would probably do that on one of these dolls. Ruth

Tall Tom and a few pin cushions

We woke up to blizzard conditions this morning, so that meant a project day. Now the sun is shining on 5 " of new snow and the sky is blue and it is so BRIGHT OUTSIDE! So, had to make a few pincushions and dress Tall Tom!!! Here he is dreaming of sunny summer days!
now I know you can not use all these pinkeeps---- what's going on...... me thinks gifts are involved!  LOL  (pretty sneaky Ruth).........

Funny boy!

OH MY HECK!  Who says you can't make dolls?!  He is just as cute as can be!
Will you make me one just like him!  And his fishing pole and fish are just to die for!
The redchecked shirt and denim pants are perfect.... what a hoot - the patch on his knee is just the right touch!
And his straw hat is great!  I think prolly I would rough up the hat a little.  you know make it look like he has takin it fishing lots o times.  maybe even hang some tackle on it.  But he is very cute.  I am so jealous! He turned out awesome Ruth!
 love you peggylee