Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey guys, I found the perfect shoes. They are exactly the right size and come in six different styles. What do you think? Linda

They are perfect!!! I think we should get more of these. Black and brown seem to be the most used colors. I'll look at the outfits I have and let you know what I could use. Ruth

I really like them..... did you find the tennis shoes? and what did you have to pay for them? I think these are gonna be perfect for the summer line of clothing. What are we gonna do for Christmas?

They are 0-3 mos size and I found them at WalMart. There are two different colors of tennis shoes and 4 or 5 different girls shoes, including some pink sparkly ones that Katie found for me. The tennis shoes are in blues or browns. The girls are flowered, pink, blue and white sandals with a flower on them. They stay on really good, but all have velcro and Katie was able to get them on and off by herself. Let me know what you want and I'll make another trip. Linda Oh yeah, they are $5 a pair.

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