Wednesday, March 23, 2011

more pin and needles

You guys are both so creative. I seem to be getting way behind. Ruth, your Tom is perfect. What a cute idea. Peg, all the ladies in my knitting group yesterday loved my frumpy grump. It is really amazing. Keep up the good work girls. I'll try to catch up someday. Linda

More serious volumizing shampoo problems going on
at my house.

Made these pincushions on the ride to and from
the temple today.
Yep more fun!

Don't forget to check the Tutes and Free Page
there is new stuff there almost every day!
Presents for you from jeanlee dolls!

Oh my! SHE IS SO FUNNY! Made me laugh right out loud this morning!!! I think the Volumizing isn't just in the shampoo! Ha! and What cute pincushions. The embroidery is awesome!!! You just keep inspiring me! Ruth

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