Friday, March 25, 2011

Ready to go out

She can't decide if she should have chocolate or
rocky road.   Hmmmmmmm

better look out and see if we need an umbrella

She has to watch the rain for a few minutes.

Wow,  she is giving me a look!!!!

Ok Peggy,   She is so FUNNY!   I love her.   Her sweater, dress, anklets, shoes, hair,  every thing is perfect.   I think you should do more of these.  She is so one of a kind I love everthing about her.  

She cracks me up.   How did you make her sweater?   and hair?   and was she fun to make?  Love, Alyce

Hi sis,  Have not heard from you for awhile.  So glad to know you are still with me.....LOL
These dolls are very labor intensive and take several days to make.  The good news is:  every time I
look at their faces I crack up!   LOL
they are a joy for me to be with.   The sweaters are recycled fabrics from old sweaters as are most all of the fabrics I have used on them.....  Almost all of the supplies have come from my stash.  the stuffing I have changed to a different maker.  It is fairfield and very silky.  much better quality and does not separate like other stuffings.  Including wool.   The hair is actually handmade wigs of human hair.  I did purchase these. but the results speak for their self. 
I am so very happy you like her.
I have another with dark brown hair that will be completed in a few days and I will post her.
Love you forever

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