Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tall Tom and a few pin cushions

We woke up to blizzard conditions this morning, so that meant a project day. Now the sun is shining on 5 " of new snow and the sky is blue and it is so BRIGHT OUTSIDE! So, had to make a few pincushions and dress Tall Tom!!! Here he is dreaming of sunny summer days!
now I know you can not use all these pinkeeps---- what's going on...... me thinks gifts are involved!  LOL  (pretty sneaky Ruth).........

Funny boy!

OH MY HECK!  Who says you can't make dolls?!  He is just as cute as can be!
Will you make me one just like him!  And his fishing pole and fish are just to die for!
The redchecked shirt and denim pants are perfect.... what a hoot - the patch on his knee is just the right touch!
And his straw hat is great!  I think prolly I would rough up the hat a little.  you know make it look like he has takin it fishing lots o times.  maybe even hang some tackle on it.  But he is very cute.  I am so jealous! He turned out awesome Ruth!
 love you peggylee

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