Saturday, April 30, 2011

here is our Jack and Jill

Jill first.....

It is not a very good picture of the two of them....
but maybe in the daylight tomarroe I can do a
better job of it.
Can't you just see these two rascals
"falling down the hill"!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Head is on

It's a pretty big head..... but I am gettin closer to putting all of her together and then
the paint!
Poor thing
she has been in pieces for so long now!

Margie and Katrina

Here they are
dressed in their new clothes.

they are absolutely darling in these beautiful outfits.


these are both the right size
for a preemie blessing dress.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Changed the eyes

I also thinned the neck and jawline some more.
I think this is better
more delicate.

You are right. Definately looks more feminine. R.

three waldorfs and an Izzannah

Plus a strawberry (s)

Got three completed and have Jill almost complete

This is still the first Izannah doll I have been working on
I sanded on her for 2 hours
this afternoon and have sketched on some features.
I think I will give this one a day or so and then start the paint.

Her cheeks are fatter than I wanted.
but all I am wishing for is something "not terrible" for the first one!

Marvelous!!! Simply Marvelous!!! R.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Pictures!

The weather was nice today, so we ventured outside for a few photos.

Look at this silly girl - up a tree!

We got a little carried away in the trees and had to climb the wood pile.
Ummmm..... just like a farm girl
playin in the wood pile with her nice dress and purse on! LOL

We hope you all had a beautiful spring day at your house!!

What a great trip outside on the "  Sutton Farm"  with your cute dolly in her new

You have made my day!  I am thinking warm spring weather is not going
to happen here in the pacific northwest.... I had forgotten what it looks like.....
thank you Ruth

A Doll Named Violet

Mom did an awesome job on this dress!! I think she may be keeping this for herself, but we'll need a doll name Violet to match the dress! What do you think?

Well I think,  even if I make a dolly named *potatoe* she will look wonderful in this little dress!
Once again you have crafted a wonderful work,
You and Mom are really quite talented!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Velour Dress & Outfit

Pale Yellow sweater with beads and lace trim. The red flower is hand crocheted from Embroidery floss. The Dress is a pale mint green with embroidery around the hem and neckline, and floral print under skirt.

Complete with anklets and red Mary Janes.

Oh my,,, isnt this cute.   You have done a great job Ruth!  I can't wait to see it in person

Mom's New Dreses

Aren't these just beautiful! We have White, and Yellow or White and Pink.

Mom has done a beautiful job.
We're just putting some finishing touches on them and then they'll be off to you Peggy!

Mom,   I think these are far to beautiful to be listed as doll clothes!
These are definately Christening Dresses for new born babes.
I am so impressed with you crocheting talents that you have.
Keep up the good work.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bangs, curls, pigtails

or Leave Him like He is?

what do you think Linda, Ruth, Alyce and Mom.
I have not sewn his hair down yet.
Let me know....
I think he is ready for arms and legs and clothes
just the way he is.
(i mean after his hair is sewn down.)LOL

Posted Round Robin Quilts

We had Quilt group today. You will want to click on the top of the pages where it says Quilts and Crafts so see the latest quilt blocks. If this is new to you, this is what we are doing in our group. Each person wrote a 1 page history of their lives listing key memories, hobbies, family, activities, dreams etc. Then each person got a box with an assortment of fat quarters or favorite fabrics they would like to have a quilt made from, (about 30 fabrics). Then that person made a 12 1/2" block from something in their story. We met as a group, read our stories and showed the first block we created. Then we passed the block, the box of fabric and the story to another person in our group. The next person makes a block from that box, story, fabric etc, and we meet in 1 month and show and tell the blocks and trade to another person. At the end of the rotation we have 9 12 1/2" blocks to make a quilt from. Check out the blocks on the blog!

further down Izzannah Road

I know it looks kinda creepy now.
but I am sure counting on it not turning out terrible!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rebecca Blank

she is another *blank pattern*
and stands 14" tall

Update on the Izzannah:
still waiting for it to dry.
will post new pics as are available.

Easter Wishes

Happy Easter to all our
Colorful Waldorf Families

Have a most wonderful Day
filled with many Blessings

Saturday, April 23, 2011

First head with clay

Oh my goodness you two. You have been so busy this last week while I was out of commission. I fly home tomorrow night and will be glad to get back in gear again. Just went through the last weeks postings and you two are just too creative. I haven't really even had any knitting time to speak of. I got one baby bootie done this whole week and that is it. Anxious to talk to you both and get back up to speed. Linda

Learning to sculpt is turning out to be very much fun

this is the first layer and then after she dries I will apply another.

whew- lots more steps than the waldorf dolls!


but just as fun

Friday, April 22, 2011

Izzannah Road

Almost ready to do the clay prep on
these three dolls!

this is what they are supposed look like when completed
(I have 7 hours labor into them already)
This is gonna take awhile.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blank Betsy!!

Introducing our next Blank Doll named Betsy, like in Betsy Ross! No face as I can't decide on one, but kind of like her still blank.

                                                 Very well done!  is this a wig cap? ........ I like her shoes and pantloons
and ribbons and dress and especially the hair!   LOl

Pleased to introduce Katrina

she needs a nightgown and some fluffy slippers
I think.......


she has really fine.... like baby hair.....and not very long.

She should be dressed in baby looking clothes I think. Very Cute!!! Ruth

some other funny ones I have been playing with today

could just paint on the dresses for these babes!

Looking fun here! Love the fabric legs!! Ruth