Friday, April 8, 2011

Just a few items of interest!

This is the first quilt project I ever did. Alyce helped me with it many years ago on a Thanksgiving day we shared at her house. Mom was there also. We cut, and sewed in between eating turkey and pumpkin pie. I found it hidden away and had to hang it on my wall. It reminds me of that day and of my dear sister Alyce and what a talented wonderful sister she is! Priceless, cherished memories of that day and many others with my sweet sister!
I have never seen this before..... where have you been keepin it hiden?  I love it.
You two are so talented. peg

Ok, I remember this, but I don't remember where I was living.   Was I in Wyoming?  Oh, Memories!   LOL,   alyce

This is the beginning of my newest quilt I just started. I learned this technique at our quilt retreat last week, and made these blocks this morning. I am liking it alot, and it goes quite fast! Thanks to other great women in my life!

OH MY!!!   This is my FAVORITE QUILT!   I love it and want to make one.   I need to visit Idaho and have you teach me how to sew it together.  9 blocks sewn in just one morning?   Do you have any free time one day next week?   I'm thinking about visiting you and mom.   Let me know if a day works better for you than another.   Alyce

This quilt top is one I did at the quilt retreat. Full size. Ready to be quilted. I will put this on my bed when it is completed. I loved the scalloped edges, and was something new I haven't ever done.

So I decided it was time to start sewing some doll clothes again, so I designed this pair of coveralls. It fits the doll but is a little snug and would be hard for a child to put on the doll so....
you can see I've cut out a second pair......

It's not uncommon to sometimes make an outfit 2 or 3 times before getting the pattern just right when creating something original. Wish me luck that this one is perfect!
Here's hoping your day is absolutely PERFECT!!

and see, this is the reason your creations are perfect when completed!  I really enjoy
watching your path of creativity!

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