Friday, April 8, 2011

Pay it forward

Hello everybody!
I am participating in an event called 'Pay it Forward' I found out about it at Nouveaux Portmaneau's blog. This is how is works: If you are interested in playing, please leave me a comment in this post. (Or, you can leave a comment saying it sounds like fun but you are unable to play). For those of you who WANT to participate, please leave me a way of contacting you, your email address so I can get your home address to send you one of my handmade gifts. The first five people who say that they want to participate will receive a handmade gift from me. BUT, there is a catch! For those of you who participate, you will then post the 'Pay it Forward' information and button on your OWN blog and post a similar comment as this one, asking for five people who are interested in participating to leave you a comment, and then it is YOUR turn to send THOSE five people a gift. 'It is better to give than to receive' is how it all started out on someone's blog. It may take a month for the entire scenario to transpire, and take your time making your gifts that you send. Sound like fun???!!!
'Pay it Forward' project/giveaway.
Only the first 5 people get to play.........
come on'.  Do you wanna Play?

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