Monday, April 25, 2011

Posted Round Robin Quilts

We had Quilt group today. You will want to click on the top of the pages where it says Quilts and Crafts so see the latest quilt blocks. If this is new to you, this is what we are doing in our group. Each person wrote a 1 page history of their lives listing key memories, hobbies, family, activities, dreams etc. Then each person got a box with an assortment of fat quarters or favorite fabrics they would like to have a quilt made from, (about 30 fabrics). Then that person made a 12 1/2" block from something in their story. We met as a group, read our stories and showed the first block we created. Then we passed the block, the box of fabric and the story to another person in our group. The next person makes a block from that box, story, fabric etc, and we meet in 1 month and show and tell the blocks and trade to another person. At the end of the rotation we have 9 12 1/2" blocks to make a quilt from. Check out the blocks on the blog!

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